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How to measure the temperature of the microprocessor and video processor, we already said . And what temperatures are considered critical?

We found out that “burning down” a modern processor is a fairly trivial task. When reaching certain temperatures determined by the developers, skipping steps (throttling) begins, which helps to keep the growing heat release. If this does not work, the system shuts down.

Protected by protection, but these are temperatures close to critical. Work in this mode is constantly clearly not going to benefit devices.

Let's first see what critical temperatures are set by manufacturers, and then we will talk about their optimal values.

Critical Temperature Mode of Intel Processors

Intel has a website with lots of useful information. Come here , click on the processors button, then on the Intel Core (Pentium or Celeron, if you have such). Choose a family with a generation and look for your "stone".

There are two possible values ​​in the "Hull Specification": TCASE and TJUNCTION. What does each of them mean, read here . We are interested in the second - TJUNCTION. This is the temperature at which the automation will turn off the processor.

The presence of TCASE, apparently, is just the maximum temperature in a certain zone of the processor, at which the protection is triggered after the start of throttling. In this case, this parameter is useless.

There is another temperature - TJMAX. At this temperature, the processor turns on throttling (throttling). In the process of overclocking, this value is noticed very easily - the processor performance is sharply reduced. But to the point.

Unfortunately, in Intel docks I could not find the value of TJMAX. But judging by the generalized information, this temperature is about 90-100 degrees, depending on the generation.

Critical temperature mode AMD processors

In Ryzen, the maximum temperature is 95 °, with it begins throttling cycles. But according to the first tests, the processors even worked at 105 ° without throttling. Later, AMD employees said that they deliberately overestimate the temperature by 20 °, and at the moment this is fixed.

But what is pleased, there is an expanded table by CPU (processors) and APU (processors with integrated graphics) with a bunch of data. We are interested in the maximum temperature - Max Temps .

For the FX series, the maximum temperature value starts from 57 ° (and this is for the older, hottest models: FX-9370 and FX-9590) to 70 °. If the system has a processor of the previous generation, it is advisable to find out the maximum operating temperature.

Critical temperature mode for AMD and NVidia video cards

For the latest generations, work at 90–100 degrees is allowed. Further throttling may begin.

For NVidia cards, I did not find a generic table with temperatures. But it does not matter, you can find what you want through a search. Come on official site and in the search bar you enter the query: maximum GPU temperature , where the GPU is the GPU model, for example, GTX 670 or GTX 1070. Follow the first (usually) link, click on specifications or full specifications and look for the Maximum GPU temperature value in the table (by C)

With graphics cards from AMD, unfortunately, this trick failed. And where to find the critical values ​​of temperature is also unknown.

About normal temperature

It should be understood that everyone can have a special understanding of normality. Therefore, I will voice my opinion, and whether to follow it or not - decide for yourself.

CPU temperature

If the processor is without overclocking, I am pleased to see the temperature below 60 °. Just do not forget that in some models throttling can begin at a lower temperature, in this case, you need to focus on it minus 5 degrees of stock.

Under acceleration, I simply throw + 10 ° above, in total - no more than 70 °.

Again, these are rules that I follow myself. You can load even before throttling, but it will already be the corn frequency: like the values ​​are large, and there is almost no gain. To set the record, this step will be deliberate, but some i7-8700K will not get overclocked from the FX-8300. It is better to let the percent work at the selected optimal temperature, but for now it’s so, you can save money for something more powerful.

Graphics card temperature

For a video card, I lay a maximum of 70 °. The next 10 ° will not give a strong boost of performance, and even such that the game began to work at 60 FPS instead of the previous 40 FPS. With increasing temperatures, the opposite situation is observed: each successive degree will be achieved at the price of a lower frequency increase.

Plus, do not forget about throttling. Overclocking a video card will produce the opposite result.

What else is interesting, if you increase the frequency of the core and memory, but at the same time lower the Power Limit, you can get better performance than with the stock settings. AMD has a WattMan program for its GPUs, which allows not only setting frequencies, power consumption, etc., but also reducing voltage. Due to such down-voltages, it is possible to make the card work at the same speed, but with much lower power consumption.

For comparison, my video card (from MSI with a GPU from NVidia) heats up to 83% of degrees in stock. But overclocking, with power consumption reduced to 51%, works even faster. A good cooling system is so apparently driving.

The best way to reduce temperatures

Overclockers definitely recommend water cooling. Moreover, custom water cooling , in which all components can be placed in a single circuit. Plus - lower temperatures. Minus - if the dropsy leaks - Khan ... In short, see for yourself what can happen.


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And what temperatures are considered critical?
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