How to remove contacts from the phone. How to extract contacts from a broken phone. The phone does not turn on

  1. How to pull contacts from a SIM card
  2. How to get contacts from the phone's memory
  3. % successful cases of data recovery
  4. Backed up cloud to load data recovery program
  5. First check your phone’s sync with the cloud
  6. Report inappropriate content
  7. 1. Does not show the display or the sensor does not work
  8. 2. The phone does not turn on
  9. Water got into the phone
  10. Problem with firmware
  11. 99% successful data recovery cases
  12. If you have an old button phone
  13. Let's sum up

A broken phone that cannot be recovered, users usually carry in service center and ask the master to pull numbers from it. However, it should be remembered that the repair of the iPhone is not cheap. To save money, you can extract the contacts yourself. To do this, you need a computer on which to install the synchronization program. Sometimes all contacts are stored not in memory, but on a SIM card. In this case, the problem does not exist.

Thus, you can save all the necessary data from the device. Even if your smartphone is beautiful today, if this software on your computer gives you a little peace of mind, knowing that you can quickly get data if the worst happens. Preview: you can check the data before recovery to make sure that it is what you want to save from a damaged device. Warranty: The data you are recovering goes directly to your computer so that you are safe and do not leak on the Internet. The software itself is free for 30 days, which means that you can use the phone without paying a dime for a month.

How to pull contacts from a SIM card

It is believed that storing important information on a SIM card is impractical, and many mobile device owners have refused this practice. But if the phone goes down, the numbers stored on the SIM card will make your life much easier. To extract them, do the following:

  • Remove the SIM card from the faulty device.
  • Insert it into a new device.
  • See the numbers.

If the new device is used only by you, you can copy all the contacts into the device’s memory. As a result, they will be stored on the SIM card and in the phone itself.

The smartphone becomes useless when the screen of the device is broken. Most people really believe that there is nothing that could be saved if it breaks the screen. Although this is true for the device itself, if it cannot be restored on the screen, it does not exactly correspond to the data on the device. If you have saved data, including contacts, you can easily restore this data to a new device or device after the screen has been fixed.

In this article we will look at a simple and effective way to restore contacts from a device with broken screen . It seems impossible to recover contacts from a broken device. Also generally accepted is the fact that many of the data recovery programs on the market are capable of effectively recovering data from a faulty device. But with powerful tools and the right processes, you can easily restore contacts from a faulty device.

How to get contacts from the phone's memory

If you keep all the numbers in the phone itself, and it suddenly broke, the problem can be solved with the help of a computer and a synchronization program. It should be suitable for your device. After installing the program on the PC, the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Open the application.
  • Connect mobile device to computer through USB cable .
  • Wait until the program finds and recognizes the connected gadget.
  • Go to the contacts section and copy them to your computer.

Thus, it is possible to extract phone numbers from a faulty device, without giving the gadget to a service center. If the screen is damaged on the smartphone, there are several ways to view the numbers stored in the phone’s memory:

Here is how to use the program. In the main window, click "Scan" next to the option "Recover damaged phone data." Step 2 - In the next window, you must select the file type to check. Step 3 - A new window will appear asking you to specify why you cannot access the device.

% successful cases of data recovery

Step 4 - In the next window, you must select a faulty device model. If you do not know the device model, click "How to confirm your device model" to get help. Step 5 - they will be provided with instructions on how to enter a specific device into the “Download Mode”. Just follow the instructions in the next window.

  • Replacing a broken display with a new one. This is a rather expensive option. It is cheaper and easier to purchase a new device.
  • Use a similar device with a workable screen. Copy the necessary numbers to the SIM card, transfer it to a non-working phone and repeat all the steps to copy the contacts on the previous device.
  • Connecting the phone to a PC and opening a special application.

If your phone stops turning on, important data can be restored. The cause of the failure of the device may be a hardware error or failure software . As a result, the phone does not turn on or reboots unexpectedly, does not display numbers in the contact list. In such a situation, information can be completely restored, the main thing is not to flash the phone and not update it, otherwise all data will be lost irretrievably. The principle of extracting information involves reading the phone’s firmware file and its subsequent decryption using special programs . This work is better to entrust the professionals.

Step 7 - After the recovery package has been successfully downloaded, the program will start scanning the device for contacts stored in internal memory phone. Step 8 - Contacts in the device will be displayed in the next window when the scanning process is completed. From here, simply select the contacts you want to receive, and then click Get.

These types of phones, especially the latest generations, are developing more and more, which is fundamental for managing and organizing our life and technology: from work to friends, to hobbies. Thousands of data flock to mobile phones every day, so they look like a real fort, a casket, where we attach a lot of information that is fundamental to us for emotional reasons or for more practical reasons. Unfortunately, the greater functionality of these devices is increasingly paid to avant-gardists with a greater delicacy. operating systems and, unfortunately, the large daily use we use often causes numerous problems, sometimes even the short life of our smartphone, because they are very delicate, there will also be a simple fall or a small accident to permanently lose our favorite cell phone.

If your phone is broken, and all important information (phone book numbers, sms-messages, notes) was stored in the device’s memory, do not worry - it is possible to recover this data even if the phone does not turn on. The reasons for the inoperability of a smartphone can be two: software failure or hardware failure of the device. Each case must be considered individually, often preliminary diagnosis is needed to say for sure whether contacts can be pulled out. address book or not. So, more about the different options later in the article.

Backed up cloud to load data recovery program

There is a way to soften this tragedy, restore your data with mobile phone now when you no longer use it? The first thing you really need to do to recover your data can be very easy if you did backup copy the clouds.

If you have never supported backup , unfortunately, when using your smartphone, you will have to take care of the most classic methods, that is, when downloading the selected programs. Since a common and common problem is getting data from your smartphone broken, there are many programs designed specifically for you to restore everything that interests you in just a few easy steps.

First check your phone’s sync with the cloud

Modern phones, when connected to the Internet, are synchronized with the account by default (I hope you use this feature!). If your phone (or tablet) has stopped turning on, first of all you need to check which data has been synchronized. Perhaps you have everything stored in the cloud and there is no need to contact the service center. How to do it:

In fact, many of our data is stored in expandable memory. It’s worth a try, because it’s definitely the fastest and easiest to use, moving between your memory blocks and smartphone folders, restoring how you think and think the most important data you think you’ve lost forever!

Report inappropriate content

Always back up your data for safety! . You must select at least one of the options. You must enter a description of the problem. An error has occurred in the system. You must verify your identity. Thank you for helping us improve the quality of our content.

If you have an Android smartphone:

Log in to a browser on a laptop in your Gmail inbox (which was the login to Play market on the phone). In the upper left corner there is a switch Gmail-Contacts-Tasks. Select "Contacts" and check if the desired recipients are in the list.

If you have an iPhone

On a computer, open a browser and go to the website. Enter your login (email) and password from your account iCloud, which was used on the iPhone or iPad to access App Store . Check if all the necessary information is in place.

If there is no sync ...

It all depends on what your phone is and what happened to it. The most popular cases in which you can recover information from a smartphone or tablet:

1. Does not show the display or the sensor does not work

This is a problem of all. touch phones when the device falls and appear. If the display is damaged, the picture is not visible. Blind to get to the phone's memory is unlikely to succeed. Or another variant of the problem, when the sensor stopped working. When the screen is idle, the phone can neither be connected to a laptop to download information, nor set up synchronization.

There are two options (applicable to iPhone and Android devices):

  • Make repair apparatus and change the screen. This is if you want to continue to use the phone further. The cost will depend on the model of the smartphone and the quality of the installed spare parts. Check with the master.
  • Substitute a working display and save all important information. After that, the screen will be returned to the warehouse, and the phone will not be repaired. This option would be appropriate if the device is old and changing the screen on it is simply unprofitable. Only the phone book, photos and other info from the device’s memory are important. The cost for such a procedure will be 300-450 UAH, depending on the complexity of disassembling the device to substitute the working screen.

2. The phone does not turn on

There are a lot of options here, because the phone may not turn on for various reasons . If you can deduct the information can be said only after the diagnosis. What could be the options:

Water got into the phone

The phone stopped charging

Naturally, the battery sat down and the smartphone now does not turn on. Well, if the battery is removable and it can be charged separately on the "frog". But in case the battery is built-in, you need to contact the repair. There are several options that can be here too: the problem with the charging socket, with the battery itself, the power controller, and more. The easiest case is to charge the battery from the power supply and turn on the phone to save data.

Problem with firmware

Important! No not like this. MEGAINABLE! Do not try to flash the phone or reset to factory settings! This will remove all information from the device’s memory and will not be able to restore it. In the case of software glitches, there is only one way out - to flash the flash memory and read it on the programmer. More on this in the following paragraph:

99% successful data recovery cases

The most expensive, but the most effective way. It consists in the physical evaporation of flash memory chips. This chip stores all the information: both the firmware and your personal data. You can subtract everything: phone book , SMS messages, notes, calendars, photos. But provided that the chip is not damaged! The state of the phone itself is indifferent. Whether he was drowned in a sea, driven by a car or even broken in half. The cost of such a procedure is from 600 UAH , depending on the phone model.

In a nutshell, how it is done. Solder the flash memory chip. We put the memory chip in the programmer. The program download memory dump and decrypt necessary information . The process of this method of data recovery in pictures:

The process of this method of data recovery in pictures:

Note! This method only works for Android phones and tablets. If you have an iPhone or iPad, it will not work to deduct data from them by this method, because All information on iOS is encrypted.

If you have an old button phone

The phone does not turn on either, or it simply does not display phone numbers in the contact list. In such a situation, the probability of recovering important information is almost 100%, the main condition is to never flash the phone or update its software , otherwise all data will be lost irretrievably. The principle of data extraction consists in reading the phone's firmware file and further decrypting it using special programs.

At the moment, recovery phone numbers possible on the following phones:

  • Nokia - all models on the Symbian platform, as well as older models of the Dct-3 and Dct-4 versions. To do this, you must use the programmer (for example, UFS or JAF) to read the pm-file of the firmware;
  • Sony Ericsson - we read the GDFS file using the Setool programmer or another method using the USB interface;
  • Samsung - it is necessary to read either the firmware completely (merge full), or only the eeprom-part, depending on the model and method of connection to the computer, this can usually be done through a USB cable, but easier and faster through the programmer;
  • Motorola - CG2 code group is read from the phone using FlashBackup or any other;
  • LG - extracts the full firmware file with the extension * .bin.

After we have the necessary file read from the phone in our hands, we should decrypt it and extract the necessary information. We recommend using ReadContact, ReadCV, vCardOrganizer, PMtoBook programs. Data can be saved in different formats, such as Excel spreadsheet, comma-delimited file, vCard, it all depends on how you plan to use the extracted data, copy it back to your phone or just print it.

Let's sum up

In the case of a hardware malfunction, there are a lot of solutions, but the result depends on the reason for the phone’s inoperability. If the phone cannot be synchronized with the computer due to damage to the display, idle sensor, damages to the loop or the sync connector, these elements must be replaced.

In any case, it is best to first contact the master and discuss with him the possibility of recovering the necessary information from your phone. You can ask a question in the comments to the article or on our website.


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